The Road to Sleeping Dragon

Coming Fall, 2017!


New book!

In London this year I wrote the third book of my China trilogy. The Road to Sleeping Dragon: Learning China From the Ground Up will be published worldwide by Bloomsbury in 2017.


Lowell Thomas Award

In Manchuria won a 2015 Lowell Thomas Award for Best Travel Book. Judging was done by the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism, and announced at the Society of American Travel Writers Foundation’s annual meeting in Las Vegas. From the judge’s citation:

“Michael Meyer immersed himself in an important geographic area rarely studied in depth by Western journalists or anybody else with Western values. Rural China is enormously important within the Chinese empire, and also for the rest of the world as that empire expands its influence. Meyer’s avoidance of the much-documented urban China in favor of understanding the rural populace is refreshing.”