“Last Days” in Chinese

The Chinese translation of “The Last Days of Old Beijing” is finished, and the manuscript is now in the hands of the censor. The book is scheduled to be published on the Mainland in May by Shanghai Translation Press, and in Taiwan/Hong Kong by Walker/Gusa. I am thrilled by the houses, by the translator’s work (He Yujia, my best student at the University of Hong Kong), and the fact that this book will be read by the people it’s about. A book tour is scheduled at the release; I’ll post cities and dates soon.  

Two excerpts

As In Manchuria lumbers along to its 2013 release, Michael will post excerpts as they appear in print or online. Here are two, via the excellent new China File site, produced by the Asia Society. The first sees him tracking down the remains of the Willow Palisade, and can be read here. The second pays a visit to Harbin’s one-of-a-kind International Sister Cities museum, and is here.

Do spend some time at the China File site, which officially launches in February, 2013. They’re bringing together an array of work by journalists, academics, and travelers.

This American Life

Here’s Michael narrating life in Wasteland on the radio program/podcast extraordinaire. His 17-minute segment begins at the 38:45 mark, introduced by Ira Glass. Thanks to all of the listeners who have stopped by and dropped a line!

Thanks for coming

Greetings from the other side of the Great Wall. Here you’ll find a collection of links and photographs relating to author Michael Meyer and his forthcoming book “In Manchuria.” If you would like to receive a notice of publication and readings, or have something to ask or say about China, drop Michael a line via the Contact link above. He always replies.